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Media service is good...shame about their customer service though!

Let's get one thing straight to start with...Virgin Media's TV/ Broadband/ etc services are generally very good and have only really given me grief on a handful of occasions. However, what isn't good is the customer service that this company provides....actually, "fails to provide" is more appropriate.

Last year a glitch of some description at Virgin Media's end led to our monthly payment failing to be taken. Given that our monthly direct debit was set up (we checked our online banking and it was clearly visible) you'd thing Virgin Media would 1) inform us and 2) apologise for the inconvenience. No such luck...we checked the following month's bill and, sure enough, they'd charged us a late payment fee! After a lengthy discussion with what came across as a poorly trained customer service agent, they eventually agreed they were in the wrong and said that the late fee would be reversed.

This was only the start of it. I know that services such as Virgin Media's are linked to your personal credit report and will flag late payments. So, during the call with the agent to reverse the fee I specifically asked whether they had already alerted the credit reporting agencies of the (incorrect) late payment....and received a firm "no". Surprise surprise, upon checking my credit report a month later, there it was, a late payment flag.

Cue another call to another incompetent agent to this time demand that they contact the three main credit reference agencies to remove this blemish from my credit report given that the fault did not lie with me. The agent said they couldn't do this and instead gave me instructions to email my request to an alternative team in the business. I did so....and two weeks later had still received nothing. I'd had again I called the customer service team. Hallelujah, this time I FINALLY spoke with someone who was willing to take responsibility and said they would personally take care of the issue - thank you Paul McDonagh!

Despite the responsibility being taken on I'm STILL waiting on this issue to be corrected, now approximately 12 months down the line!

How can it be that a company of this size is willing to provide such sheer incompetence? It took me approximately 2 months to finally find someone who knew what they were doing in the first instance and it CANNOT be acceptable in anyone's world for this to still be outstanding after 12 months in total!

In a nutshell - fine for media services, but if customer service is a top priority for you you may want to think twice.
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