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Absolute Rubbish - DO NOT SUBSCRIBE

On the 100MB "service" - actually get 1MB in peak hours (yes, that's a ONE).
14 months complaining, and after many broken promises and supposed upgrade in my area, still not fixed.

2 weeks ago VM tried to install a new customer in my street and BROKE the cable serving my house - yes Virgin Media broke the cable.
Now I have no phone and no broadband service.
Despite promises (again) it is still not fixed.

Customer Service - awful.
Virgin Media - incompetent and VERY expensive.

Conclusion - dialup broadband is better than Virgin Media.
Have tried to put 0 stars as the rating - not sure if it will accept. May have to put 1 star, but that is not my real rating of zero.

Just to add - they have twice increased the price mid-contract. Surely that isn't legal as it is not the price I agreed to when I joined ?
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