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Technically incompetent - atrocious customer service.

I've been with VM for 5 years. Broadband, phone and TV.
In those 5 years I've had about 1 year in total without problems.
12 months to resolve a "high utilisation issue" about 3 years ago.
All services down all weekend on a number of occasions.
The whole area without any services (phone, bb, tv) for 2 weeks at a time on multiple occasions.
Phone cut off repeatedly due to engineers not doing their job properly.
Currently 7 months in to yet another "utilisation" issue - 2Mbps download - that's 2% of what I'm paying for. VM only refund half of my BB charges for this.
The fix date has moved four times since the beginning of the year, and will almost certainly be moved back again before the issues is fixed.
Customer Service is awful. There's a complaint form on the VM site. It's always ignored. Phone the company and nobody seems to know what's going on. Some times its a fault, sometime there isn't. Offshore technical support is staffed by people with no technical knowledge whatsoever. UK technical support staff think they are more knowledgeable than they actually are and can be quite rude.
I already boycott other Virgin brands like Virgin trains, because I've found the same mixture of incompetence and over-priced hype. Once I've sourced alternative providers, then Virgin Media will go onto my list of "companies I wouldn't touch with a barge pole".
Truly, truly, dreadful all round.
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