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WOWZERS This is the worst company I have ever come across!!!!

I'm so glad I've managed to cancel my contract within the 7 days period.

I signed up for their promotion which had 9 months half price. I received my contract in the post a week later which only stated it was half price for only 6 months. This is when my problems started.

There was only an 0845 number I could find to contact them. I had to phone this on my mobile so started paying at great cost this error which Virgin Media caused. After being lost in the phone system for 10 minutes, it appeared to crash and I lost the call.

After some time I managed to find a "call me back" service on their website. They called back - thinking I wanted to add services to my account. They redirected me to what can only be described as the worst Indian call centre I had ever encountered. The line quality was horrific, and the person I was speaking to barely knew what I was talking about.

She came across as extremely rude and did not seem to understand that the contract needed changing to 9 months. It's only when I started shouting at her that she said she could change the contract.

That wasn't the end of it.

During sign up, the only address that matched my property in the list was "FLAT A" when my flat is called "GROUND FLOOR FLAT". I told the woman this and she said that I would need to cancel my account, and sign up again.

When I told her this was not an option, she simply ignored me and said I need to be transferred to another person to have my new account set up. Only at shouting at her, she could understand I did not want to set up a new account.

I told her I was cancelling and was going to phone up Sky. Did she care? No - in fact, I don't think she even knew what the word "Sky" meant. She did not care in the slightest that I didn't want to set up another account as I would have to wait 2 more weeks for an installation date.

IN SHORT. THIS COMPANY IS HORRIFIC! If you just try speaking to anyone from the company as an existing customer, and you'll soon see what this company is all about.

I am completely shocked by my experience, and today I see Sir Richard Branson as a very different character than I did.

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