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Agree with other reviewer friom Bracknell!

The small Opticians I dealt with for many years succumbed, presumably to the supermarket-style outlets.
So I had my ageing eyes tested about six months ago at Vision Express.
The test seemed rather simplified to others I have previously had.
I was relieved of nearly £400 in this instance for new glasses.
Later I called in to ask for them to re-glaze my old glasses with the same prescription, but in clear not tinted type. I find clear glazing better for night driving, particularly and in some other instances, such as fishing, when I simply use polarising "clip-on" lenses over them.
I had already paid what I thought was a premium price for the originals, and was quoted well over £150 for this service.
The rather stuffy member of Staff that was dealing with me appeared to me to think she was doing me some kind of favour by seeing me at all, proclaiming that this was "reasonable", and that I knew nothing about glasses*. Her "customer skills", if they can be called that certainly scored a zero in my book!
*Unfortunately for her, I do - I worked briefly for an Opthalmic company, and a lot of what she said simply wasn't true, and theirs are no better than those supplied by most other outlets of this kind.
I then visited another company nearby, and the very polite and a friendly young lady that served me advised that it would be far cheaper to simply buy a new frame, and have their"budget" lenses. This was all for a little more than £90.
I went ahead with this offer, and to be be truthful these are actually better than the ones Vision Express supplied at £400!
Incidentally, anyone visiting the Horsham Branch would be well advised to wear a gas mask unless they have a strong stomach - on both occasions the shop had a pervading smell of sewage or drains.
I could not recommend this company to anyone who expects
reasonable prices, and certainly no customer service worth speaking of - my advice would be to look elswhere!
They recently had the cheek to send a reminder for a sight test - which I have absolutely no intention of taking up, even if it means going to another town!
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