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After a an initial sub-standard service, Visualsoft have made a commitment to improve our account-handling and have already taken steps to do so.

They have acted professionally so far and we are optimistic that this will carry on.

*Update to above Review 29/8/11:

After several promises and a face to face meeting, Visualsoft failed to lift a finger to fix the issues they agreed to fix. Instead they convinced us to change the review to a positive one. Once this was done, they simply kept fobbing us off on the resolution we agreed to.

As with the original review ensure you take these points into account BEFORE signing up to this terrible company:

1. Gross delay in delivery of project. They delayed by 7 months causing us financial damage due to missing the important Xmas period. This is not to mention the 1000s of pounds in wasted advertising for missed launch dates.
2. Substandard website with many un-acceptable failures. We got our site with what had clearly been an untested product. The site was filled with many serious issues.
3. Constant chasing to get aforementioned launch issues fixed. Some issues took over 6 months so be even looked at. All of this has a very negative effect on you as a business owner and as a business on a whole. It affects customers and staff alike.
4. They charge you £60+VAT for ‘any extra development’ which is OK until you find out that includes fixing any issues they have caused to start with.
5. Expensive and non-transparent hosting charges. We were paying MORE even though our traffic was less (data taken from Google Analytics).
6. Total lock-in with their ‘hosting service’. They put you on a shared service with a lot of other sites and this causes your site to be slow (which also affect Google Rankings), as well as several timeouts. Imagine the financial loss of this mid-Xmas season. Of course this is done so that they pay out for one server and collect hosting charges from several clients. So low quality but big profits to them.
7. ‘Take it or Die’ approach to service: You either sign up to the aforementioned service and pay up OR you get your £40K site compiled on a disk with a “Here you go, install that were you like, but you will get ZERO support from us” message. To those who are not technically savvy it simply means that you cannot do much with the site if it breaks or if you want to even change let’s say, the shipping costs to your customers. As I said before – Extortionate.
8. Rude and arrogant directors. While on a phone conference with 2 directors one of them simply left me talking to myself and left the room because I was trying to put a point through and explain why I was upset. So, if they don’t agree with you, they will simply ignore you and walk away. Nice eh?
9. Up to date or writing, and more than 18 months AFTER launch of our site, we will have not received more than £5k worth of development we paid for. We are instead fobbed off and give excuses.

As you can see from the above these are serious issue you need to consider before taking on any project with them. They are suitable perhaps to a standard small business who wants a basic solution for something like clothing sales, but definitely not a large scale project. But even if that is the case you are much better off getting an off the shelf solution and then getting a good graphics designer to dress it up smartly for you. At least that way you won’t have to deal with the long term head-aches that a company like Visualsoft will cause you.”
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