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The Best Ecommerce Provider

We are overjoyed with our new website and delighted with Visualsoft.

Here are our Top 10 Reasons Why Visualsoft Are The Best Ecommerce Provider;

1. Our helpful Business Development Manager Rich, who provided us with all the right information in an understandable context which allowed us to ensure that we were choosing the right Ecommerce site for our specific needs
2. The brilliant ticket system which allows for quick and easy communications with Visualsoft, this ensures every query and alteration is dealt with quickly by the right person
3. The reassuring knowledge that Visualsoft will always keep our website at the top of its game, never missing a trick
4. The fabulous designers with a wealth of creative ideas and the ability to create cutting edge design, every time
5. The cost effective hosting package with monthly rates to rival any ecommerce provider
6. The fantastic backend admin, print invoices in bulk, send automated order confirmations and dispatch info, quickly and easily add or remove products, set discount codes … the list goes on!
7. The effective, consumer friendly layout of our new site which is equalled by none in our opinion
8. The incredible in-house Online Marketing department who in our experience have the answer to every Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Adwords query out there!
9. The absolute professionalism during every step of the development from fantastic individuals such as the wonderful Matthew our Technical Project Manager and Fire Chief!
10. Project Manager – lovely Laura . Enough said!

Kate James
Ecommerce Manager
Betty Twyford Ltd
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