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Most cost effective and hassle free decision you will ever make...

I have project managed several underperforming websites over the years, to help them grow and compete in there sectors and until now I have been doing so on my own using independent designers and coders the companies chose to use; even though I always suggest using an all in one solution like Visual Soft. Using independents has many pitfalls, firstly it is a far more expensive route to take, work takes longer to complete because it is usually coded from scratch, if something happens to the designer or coders you are using (illness, disagreements etc) your left with a custom solution not many other people will want to come in and take over. It involves a lot more micro management and in turn stress levels tend to be higher.

This time around after successfully helping the aforementioned company I looked about for another website in the same sector who I knew could do with some help, however I did so with the attitude that it would be done my way this time or find someone else due to the huge pitfalls I faced at the previous one because they wanted to do it their way. The project should have only taken 18 months but ended up taking 4 years because they wanted to use independents. Due to them using several independents (one guy left the country leaving them with a system no one else would work with) having the site revamped three times they also wasted a few hundred thousand pounds doing so and that’s not taking lost revenue in to account that they lost wasting a few years revamping the website several times before they ended up with a good high converting store.

This time around I was given full reigns to do what I wanted, I contact Visual Soft and a few other all in one service providers and quickly decided Visual Soft were the company for us, having had plenty of experience in our sector already.

They designed a website around guidelines I set out and they got it right first time, apart from a few minor alterations which they were happy to make. The entire process does require a lot of planning however Visual Soft take on most of the management side so you deal with just one person; no more micro managing.

Out of the box we had a fantastic looking site, that’s easy to navigate, with great SEO potential and more importantly it already had many major elements built in from the start like Amazon, Play and several other key marketing avenues that we specified (and I mean full integration!) and all for a fraction of the cost! Very cost effective, the project was delivered on time albeit with a few issues on launch which is to be expected. That’s where Visual Soft really shines; if you do have any issues they are resolved quickly. They also listen to their clients, as I did have a few issues with a couple of things over the last few months as I expect other clients did. But Visual Soft has been making great strides with their ticket system and how staff are organised to deal with different sized projects and extra development work. They are always on hand should you have any questions or queries and are great to talk to.

I happened to notice a review earlier from a company who was not happy to be on a shared server, Visual Soft give you the option to be on a shared or dedicated server, the choice is yours. It is totally normal for any e-Commerce provider or hosting company to stick websites on a shared server unless they choose otherwise. It comes down to cost; if you want a super fast website then ask for a dedicated server which they are happy to provide and at a very competitive price!

If you want a successful website you have to have a solid platform to work from, one that is scalable and able to grow with you. It needs to be accessible to the widest audience possible in terms of devices it is viewed on and for visually impaired people. The site must be easy to navigate and fast; no one likes to hunt about for products! The CSM (admin area) must be scalable and offer the opportunity to grow with you and any industry changes. The site needs to be cleanly coded so it is fast and adheres to standards, which in turn also adds a little boost to your ranking in SERPS. There are many, many other factors that need to be in place, the bottom line is Visual Soft will provide all the above and everything else that is required for you to have a solid base to work from.

Ecommerce is always moving and there is always something you can improve, but with Visual Soft by your side it takes a lot of the stress out of it! I can’t recommend Visual Soft enough. - Thank you Visual Soft, keep up the fine work.
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