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If only all companies were like visual soft

As a professional internet marketer working in the industry for over 10 years & running over 350 site in my career, getting websites that convert at their best rates is paramount to me. I have dealt with countless web design companies, from my point of view its an absolute mine field out there, a nightmare is the word that springs to mind. Most companies will tell you what you want to hear but you are usually left with a disappointing poor website while being left out of pocket countless times. This sort of stuff can put you out of business before you start.

I found Visual Soft in December 2011 and decided to risk it again (they all promise the same anyway) but it was their portfolio that really caught my attention. A lot of web design companies have 1 maybe 3 nice designs they have done, but the rest of the respective portfolios usually fail to impress to say the least.

When I seen Visual Soft's portfolio, I was shocked that they had done countless projects, and looking at them, each and every one is a piece of art in my opinion so I hoped they could do the same for me....

Im now about to place an order for my 6th site with them!

I wish all companies could be like this, they have been an inspiration with their professionalism and always going that extra mile that they have inspired me to try and bring some of their work ethics into my own business.

This isn't your typical web design company with 5 guys in a unit, there must be about 100 people working in visual soft all specialising in various things such as ebay, amazon, google shopping, seo, adwords....basically everything you need to take your business to the next level. Being in this industry and running a marketing company myself, I know these guys are beyond on top of their game, proper professionals offering advice that is actually going to make a big difference to you.

Anyway, shortly after signing up for our first site, we heard they were doing a meet up / training day at the NEC Birmingham...this was a great day to meet all and other like minded business people but most importantly, they ran this day for their clients as a free training seminar to show you how to best use your website they provide and to make sure it is getting fully utilised.

What other web design company would do this? This really impressed me and the team.

Working in the industry so long, I always think I know it all, but I came away from that meet up / training day having learnt so much. Already I have increased my business from a lot of new ideas I gained from this free seminar they did. Good to meet all the staff face to face too, not just dealing by email like the rest of the wannabe "pro web design companies."

Finally, I found a company that I can completely rely on to provide me with world class websites that would normally cost £20k+ for a tiny, tiny fraction of that price. Their websites are fully up to spec with the latest technology, also there has been no request no matter how complex that visual soft couldnt do for us. I think they have employed the best graphic designers in the country, very rare designers can design stuff that goes beyond your expectations. This has to now be my favourite company of all time. These guys & girls actually do more than they say they can which is unheard of on line or at least in all my experience. I just cant see how anybody could better them, this has to be the number 1 in Europe if not a World Leader in professional web E commerce design and the various multi channel platforms they can integrate.

This is the first time I have ever bothered to write a review, Im a busy person, but Visualsoft absolutely deserve it and more importantly earned it.

I plan to do all my future on line business with Visual Soft.
6 out of 5 stars.

Gavin C
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