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Initially I was searching Google for website developers as I was using a different platform. I felt it was time to upgrade our website so we could start competing against the bigger companies who were getting a lot of online orders, thats when I found Visualsoft.

After one long phone call with Richard at Visualsoft I knew this was the company that would get us to the next step. I was talked through all the different Visualsoft platforms, homepage designs, shipping functions, inventory functions & more. A lot of companies out there want to sell you every website function going even when do not require it....Visualsoft is a little different as they will recommend what they feel is right for your business and if you did want to add functions at a later stage you can do.
The actual time to build the new website was pretty quick to be honest. After the website is finished being built your then informed about things like Google advertising, customer newsletters, customer loyalty functions and even mobile upgrades that will improve your customers shopping experience.

To this date I have not visited Visualsoft’s Head Office so all communication has been done by phone calls & emails and I’ve never had any problems. Hester is our Accounts Manager who has been nothing but great, she has all the knowledge to answer any queries I have about the website and the patience to deal with our demanding account.

If your looking to build a strong website which looks good, handles all the functions and brings in sales then Visualsoft should be your number one port of call as they’re fair on price and have a hard working team.

Harj Singh
Nail Polish Direct
    Visualsoft eCommerce
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    Thanks for the great review Harj - really appreciate you taking the time out to leave feedback :) we're looking forward to working with you much more in the future on your new sites!

    Thanks again,
    Visualsoft eCommerce
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