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shocking customer service

been with vodafone 16 hassle free years until now, vodafone i thought was a good company but you never find out how bad a company is until something goes wrong.
i ordered a upgrade to be delivered to my local store and having waited several weeks with no delivery i tried the old customer service route, big mistake! it felt like i was just being passed around from one call centre to another and not one could tell me where my phone was " even though it was classed as delivered on my tracking".
even tried the online chat advisors very rude indeed.
it's been 4 - 5 weeks now and still no phone yet being charge at the higher upgrade rate, the store was very unhelpful, even refusing to let me cancel the upgrade? yet at the same time agreeing that it was vodafone fault?
only option left now is to cancel my direct debit for all 4 of my phones, lets so if they can resolve the issue then.
never thought i'd be telling people to leave vodafone but if your're reading this then be mindful that one day it probably will happen to you.
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