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Vodafone, The Worst Decision I've Ever Made in My Life

This is a letter I sent Vodafone. It´s worth reading.

I, ……., a customer since October 2010, herewith, would like to demonstrate my total dissatisfaction and disappointment with the Company Vodafone GmbH and the service I’ve been receiving since then, and beg for a possibility to review my situation and case.

I’m student who has been with Vodafone for almost three years. My first tariff was a pre-paid card. In 2011, I signed a contract with Vodafone paying €10 a month. I always exceed the usage limit, and had an average payment of 30/40€ a month and never had any problem with payment, although I always requested to have my payment deducted on the first day of every month and I was never listened. As a result, Vodafone called me once and made me a proposal. I listened and said that I would not like to change the contract over the phone, and I would like personally to speak with someone.

Vodafone ended anyway my tariff. It was a high tariff, and I had only a very simple telephone. Days later I was personally at Vodafone in Reutlingen and ended my contract. I was offer a tariff of €39,99, since I was a student. In Reutlingen, I had submitted my student identification. I was also told that I could try the tariff and in case of dissatisfaction, I would be allowed to change.

When the first bill came, it had a very high value amount, more than 120€. It didn’t have any student tariff and additional many costs and extra card that I had not ordered. I went personally to Vodafone and I was told they could not help me, because I was not granted the student discount. They sent just a fax to Vodafone. How can that be possible since my contract clearly states €39,99 a month and I had submitted my student identification on the day of the contract? I also have the offer written by the attendant in Reutlingen stating €39,99 monthly.

I contacted Vodafone several times to explain my situation. Nobody believed me that I was told I had to pay €39,00. The attendants were sometimes not nice and friendly. I was clearly informed that I would not have a discount and would have to pay full price, which would be € 9,99 a month. I informed back that I would only pay the amount stated on my contract.

Months passed and I continue receiving bills and contacting Vodafone. Vodafone said they haven't received any student identification. I sent my student identification three times, only then Vodafone confirmed that it had received. The bill today is very high, and nobody listens to me. They then said that they would give me a €10 discount. That would be €59,99. But it's still not the price I was told I would pay.

I am a student who has a very high workload at University and have to work aside. I don’t have time to always contact Vodafone. I wasted already my time on several occasions contacting Vodafone and I was not assisted. It took me a lot of efforts to contact Vodafone, send fax and so on.

What should I do next? Is it fair to pay something different than what you were told to pay? Is it fair to pay a lot of fees for delayed payment?

I haven’t had my telephone for three months. It has caused me many problems and difficult situations.

I informed Vodafone on several occasions that I wish to pay, but what the fair price is.

This is my story, and how my decision to join Vodafone has been one of the worst decisions I’ve made in my life. I share this experience with many: at school for new international students, and even in many blogs online. I don’t wish someone to be treated the way I was treated. I don’t wish someone to receive an unfair treatment just like I received. In this case, I can use the power of internet and have someone to listen to me, since Vodafone was unable to.

As mentioned, I definitely wish to pay and solve my situation with the company Vodafone. I deeply wish that I could terminate any relation with the company Vodafone, and I am willing to seek all my rights for this accomplishment. My experience with Vodafone to this point has been very frustrating and I wouldn’t like to make the same experience again. A client should be satisfied with the service. The company should listen to the client, this I haven’t experienced so far with Vodafone.

Attached, please, find the contract, which is unbelievable that Vodafone has not referred to it, and the proposal written by the Vodafone’s attendant in Reutlingen which proves I was told I would pay € 39,99 a month.

I have a very high workload and I’am again taking my time to write and post this letter. I just wanted to have a tariff that would be in my convenience and wouldn’t bring me any problems and take my time.

I am temporarily in Düsseldorf and would appreciate any personal appointment at Vodafone for further clarification.

I beg please for a review of my case. It’s not part of my education not to pay. I’m just tired of this situation.

Yours sincerely,
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