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Nice dresses but not quite right

I recived my 3 bridesmaids dress yesterday, as stated on the emails recived from you after i have sent 2 emails, i must say you always return my question by email within a couple of days. also you did check the dress sizes with me which i think is good, but still there are problems with the dresses
The dresses are ok, apart from they looked ruff and the pleating dose not connect in the right place on 2 of the three dresses, also the lace work on the dresses are ruff and not cut out in some places.
I am disopointed in the lack of finish, i will not be returning the dresses as i have no time before the wedding, and i will end up with no dresses rather than badly put together dresses, this is the first and last time i shall order with you. i shall keep with my other hong kong based dress makers Light in the box, which is fab, there dresses are finished with care and love, and the bridesmaid dresses from them make yours look ruff and hurried. I want a discount for the wait and the condition of the finished dresses, or i shall ask paypal to refund all money paid due to the standard of finish.
I am sorry that i am putting a negative review on here with all the good ones, and i think people should read your reviews on the other rateing site as well.

Ok i am back after being asked to say what has happened.....
I wish to thank this vpron for there help, they have refunded me £125 of my !85.00 order. (i am very happy with this as one dress was great apart from the laceing). they HAVE replyed to all my emails and always been most helpfull with the problems as above stated.
money was paid into my paypal account with in days of the agreement amount. BUT this does not alter the fact that there was problems in the first place! I can not tell everyone on here how great there custermer service has been. BUT there is clearly problems with this company. I feel they would be great if they tried harder. and looked at maybe better staff in the factories and a uk contact to deal with uk orders, the same with the other counties they cater for. Its great to have a cheap dress outlet, but if the problems that are found to be had can not be sorted then the bad reviews will continue. I would pay more (and have done) for a better service and complete and to spec order, as i bet would many on here .............. so thank you for your help.
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    Reply from Vponsale

    Dear whydidibother

    Thanks for leaving your review here. Sorry again for your disappointment. And we have informed our Customer Service Team to contact you by the email now. Would you mind to send us some photos to show the problem you mentioned? Hope to solve your problem asap.
    Vponsale: bridals' professional online store. All products are set to be shipped by world's most reliable shipping company after strict product inspection.
    Should you need more help, send an email to Customer Service Team plz, they will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Have a great day!!!

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