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Nice Wedding Invitations/ Big Hassle Getting Them

I paid for our wedding invitations from vponsale.com online on June 11, 2011 & did not receve them until today, July 19! This marks the end of a drawn-out ordeal of unanswered questions & continuously sloppy service. Once a vponsale rep called us at 10:10 pm (woke me up), then it took 45 minutes for the employee to understand that we needed to have the proofs printed on paper & sent to our physical address- a flaw in my computer's software prevented us from accessing the attachments of the proofs via email.The reason I rate them one star instead of none is because the cards are elegant & attractive.
    TrustScore 7.2 / 10
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    Reply from Vponsale

    Dear Alan Yager:
    This is Vponsale.
    Thanks for leaving your review here. We are pleased that you like our invitations.
    We are very sorry for so long to ship the cards to you. To make sure there is no error on your cards, we have to get your approval then we can print the cards for you. In your email, you told us you can't open or download the e-proof, so you wanted see a actural cards(sample). Actually, you need pay $18 to get one sample, but you can't pay for it. so we send sample to you freely. Sample order cost you 5 -6 days
    On July 9, 2011, you sent us a email to tell us that your order is very urgent, so we were so late to call you. We apologize for the inconvenience
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