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Don't ever order from here. Most horrendous customer service experience ever!!

See excerpt from this customer service nightmare...

Bridesmaid: Is your office location in NYC or China?

VPOnSale: we are in China:)

Bridesmaid: i tried to call the office line and no one ever picks up.
is there any way I can speak to someone in person?

VPOnSale: you can talk with me here:)

Bridesmaid: i placed an order for a bridesmaid dress and it is too small

VPOnSale: To show our sincerity, we will give you 40% refund as compensation at most, and send some cloth to you, you can ask a dress maker to alter the dress for you. What's your opinion? Or you can ask the dress maker to alter the dress to lace up. we have sent email to you,please check it

Bridesmaid: I did provide my custom measurements, however, i measured the bust of the dress and it is a 31-32. My request was for a 35. I'm just really anxious because that was not the size that I requested.

VPOnSale: yes,we have checked it is 35inches

Bridesmaid: other than a 40% discount, is there any way you guys can help me out further, so I don't walk away with such a bad experience? it is not 35 inches, i have a picture of tape measure around bust of dress. it reads 31-32 (most). i am a 35C (bra size) in the US

VPOnSale: we can send some material to you to let you make the change

Bridesmaid: is there any way you can express mail that to me???

VPOnSale: yes,we have sent email to you

Bridesmaid: it does not state the delivery speed though... if I can get it mailed to me express because many tailors here need to work on dress ahead of time

VPOnSale: about 1week you can get your material

Bridesmaid: I just don't understand how you are telling me it is 35 inches in bust, but i measured it and it is 31-32

Bridesmaid: So, my question to you is: You gave the factory measurements of 35" However, I am telling you, with proof in the photo and in my email that the bust is 31-32.

VPOnSale: we have checked the issue with our factory,it is indeed 35inches

Bridesmaid: so, the factory never makes mistakes?

VPOnSale: yes, please trust us

Bridesmaid: I want to trust you. but my dress is not 35". i wish you would trust me as a customer

VPOnSale: we have now agree to give you 40% refund and send some material to you
we want to let you know that we want to solve this issue to you

Bridesmaid: this whole experience has been horrendous. i am just frustrated at this whole transaction.
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    Reply from Vponsale

    Dear Customer

    Thanks for leaving your review here. Sorry for your disappointment. We check about your order and found we have sent you the cloth as promised, we have shipped the cloth to you by UPS, here is the tracking number:1ZW2V6360448074891. And we try to refund your money, but we find that your paypal account is not available. We have emailed you, plz check and reply us. Thanks.

    Vponsale: http://www.vponsale.com/contact_us.html

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