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awful service, unhelpful staff ordered 4 bridemaids dresses, 17 weeks ago after countless emails and messups they then email me saying due to the new year my dresses wont b here till 2 days before my wedding. which would take the total up to 5 months waiting.....how many emails with the exact measurements does it take......utterly useless avoid liek the plague try on ebay theres a beuatiful shop that sells the same dress in the uk for 1/4 of the price and guess what they r helpful!!!!! awfful awfgul awful company
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    Reply from Vponsale

    Dear Katy,
    My apologies for the inconvenience.
    Would you please give us your order number, or some other information of your order? We have searched around all of our sales records but no result came out. It is of our concern to give our customer a quality service as long as the trading does exit and the complaint is non-malicious.
    Anyway,we very much appreciate your feedback as it helps us work on improving our service and products.
    Best wishes
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