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Have returned to Waitrose.com and am pleasantly surprised :)

UPDATE February 2014:
After a year with Ocado (and their exorbitant monthly SmartPass delivery charge), I've returned to Waitrose. Am still experiencing the odd missing item with Waitrose and clumsy shopping website but am enjoying a much nicer, hassle-free Customer Services interaction. I'm also very pleasantly surprised to find that I am spending about 25-30% less money, for roughly the same items :))

Glad to be back :))

Over the last 4 years, I've cheerfully accepted my weekly email to Customer Services reporting missing items. Waitrose products (and the delivery drivers) are of a very high standard.

Come on Waitrose, please modernise your systems and match Ocado's efficiency. You've descended from my previous 5-star rating (just a couple of years ago) down to 3-stars after your perfunctory and unsatisfactory Customer Services response to my recent email about the complicated substituted Sensitive Laundry detergent issue...

I reluctantly experimented with Ocado, which sells most of Waitrose's products (except the freshly baked bread rolls) and am happy that I did. I've now switched to Ocado.

The Ocado drivers are equally pleasant and the Ocado iPad app makes ordering so much easier.

Best of all, I'm yet to have a missing items experience (or substitutions). Ocado sends text messages confirming the delivery, driver name, vehicle details, whether there are unavailable items and count-down prompts for your last chance to make changes to your order.

I'm a longstanding Waitrose and John Lewis fan.. but inevitably, inefficiency reaches a point where even your most loyal customers will be tempted away.
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