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Appalling customer service

I have had an appalling experience with online delivery from Waitrose. The worst thing is a complete lack of interest in apologising or rectifying a situation.

I have been a regular Waitrose customer and love their products. However when experiencing a new driver, twice he left half my groceries in the van before driving off. Complaints to the customer service line the first time led to a phone call and a reluctant return of the driver at an unspecified time over 4 hours later (which he was reluctant to do as he was busy) and the second time with the same driver who assured me he had double checked everything no phone call until over 2 hours later and then turning up 5 minutes after. No Waitrose acknowledgement or apology.

Then last time they did not even bother to turn up. Ridiculously I waited patiently beyond the designated time, sure they were just running late. But after 2.5 hours I rang the customer service line to be told they were on the way and they would contact the store to confirm. The store called 45 or so minutes later to say delivery was attempted in the time window, the door was not answered, they called my mobile number to inform me and left a message.

Pretty outraged at this point as I had been waiting in my lounge about a metre from the front door - facing the street you have to drive down to get to my house (which strangely no waitrose van had been down). More specifically they do not even have a mobile number for me. Such blatant lies were followed by the information they would be too busy to reattempt delivery and if I could wait in all the next day they would attempt delivery at some stage.

Appalling customer service with no real avenue for complaint. They obviously do not care what sort of treatment their customer receives. Will never use again.
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