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Waitrose online delivery is ATROCIOUS

I'm your typical Waitrose shopper and was delighted to find I recently moved into an area where they deliver. Hurray!

Except it is not a hurray. Today was my 3rd delivery. What is it they say: "once bitten, twice shy, third time it's your own fault"!

Delivery 1: late by 1 hour, rude driver.
Delivery 2: broken this, broken that, rude driver.
Delivery 3: they did not deliver any chilled or frozen goods (more than half my delivery). Query 1: oh, ok, we'll get the driver and get him to come back. One hour later - query 2: we couldn't reach him... (me) And...? I wait for 10 minutes. It'll be there between 2.30/3. This isn't convenient, but I take a deep breath. I wait in. No show. Query 3: I don't know who deals with that, they'll call you back. They call me back but their phone can't reach a regular mobile. They email me. Good. Query 4: guy is unavailable. Get new guy. Wait 5 minutes. You won't believe this, but... can we reschedule... your stuff is not on the van.
In fairness to new guy, he listens to my rant. I sat in for 5 hours on a bank holiday Friday. I could have grown a chicken in how long it felt.

I like what John Lewis Partnership stands for. But Waitrose online... never gonna use you again.
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