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I,ve had 3 ordersdelivered from Waitrose.com and not one of them has come remotely near satisfaction, Fresh goods are delivered with use by dates on the day of delivery meaning they expect you to consume several meals by midnight and if that isn,t pathetic enough around 50% of fresh goods haven,t been delivered at all. Drivers
never arrive during the designated delivery slot and never call to advise you

You are bombarded with silly promotions and money off offers which do not turn up with the delivery..

I assume that WAITROSE gave OCADO the boot because they thought they could make more money. They should have stuck with them as WAITROSE is clearly not capable of providing a satisfactory delivery service.

I guarantee dear reader that you will not be enamoured of this service and I think it's time that the management of this division held their hands up and looked for another job.
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