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just need to bit a little bit better to make it a great company

they are finally getting some good tools in stock great news

the prices mainly in wickes has all ways been better than b&q by far

the website needs work doing to it it not as bad as b&q [designed by crack monkeys] but nowhere near as good as screw fix

the staff are all ways helpful and cheery [i have been going to Grimsby branch a long time ] they may not be totally knowledgeable but they work in a shop not as a builder/ joiner / so you cant expect y them to know every thing

the tool prices are good not great but good they need to lower there screws and nails prices on most things
they lose a lot of my custom by this along with most builders /joiners i know .

there timber building prices are quite good
and they do have great deals on bulk eg 3x2 studd £2.50 each by 20 only £1.80 each and its nice stud timber

only this i can find to criticize is they need a trade card like b&q[ the only thing they have right ]
the had the wickes card but they stopped that which was a shame i loved mine got a lot of great deals on it

would give wickes 7/10

nearly there just a bit more to become a great shop
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