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Everything by the book, no exceptions. Reliable.


I am a road bike cyclist from Israel and buy from Wiggle from time to time.

The good things:
- Lot of products with very large selection.
- Professionals in giving advice and pre-sale assistance.
- Return and handling damaged products is pleasure.
- Very very reliable. You know you can 100% trust them.

The bad things:

1. Delivery: why, in heaven, sending 200 gram jersey with no tracking cost 8 pound? I consider buying gloves that cost, say, 22 pound. With delivery it's 30 pound. And no tracking. I sent back a damaged gilet (weight 350 gram) with tracking from Israel back to UK. Convert it to pound, it cost me about 2.9 pound, see what I mean?

Conclusion: you want me to put more orders? make your delivery cheaper and with tracking.

2. Sending an email with a question, some times it take them more than 24 hrs to respond. The automatic reply is nice but it's not the real answer.

3. Sometimes they are "stiff" (not flexible). I have ordered a wheelset in a sale that I waited for it LONG TIME. The took my order, charged my paypal. Than after several days got an email it's ran out of stock. So I reply: OK, call your supplier and get it. They said: no, you can order only what you have in stock. I argued, didn't help. They cancel my order and refund me. Thennnnn, after a week, they called me again and told me they spoke with the supplier and it's OK. But this was too late, I got it somewhere else. You lost a client here.

4. This as to do with nearly all UK sellers. What does it mean that there is a sale with "up to 30%"? It's mean nothing!! it's mean either the item you want is with sale 5%, or, it's 30% of the MSRP (which leave the price a bit lower than what it's displayed). Because of that I usually delete all these sale emails. You publish a sale? GOOD! but make it with a coupon so I know this is real thing.
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