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very disapointing

These seeds cost us £30 they worth about£2,we will not be buying from here again !
    Wildflower Favours
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    Reply from Wildflower Favours

    Hello Mrs Maitland, thank you for taking the time to review. I am sorry you were disappointed. I see from your order you ordered 2 packs of 75 seeded hearts. Each of this hearts has a good sprinkling of flowers seeds and are, in my opinion worth every penny. 150 hearts = a lot of seeds so to say they are only worth £2 is a bit of an underestimation! We do not supply rubbish goods and do not inflate our prices.

    We also provide a very good customer service and I am a bit sad that you have given us such a bad review without even allowing us a chance to refund you or put your grievance right. This is the first we have heard of your unhappiness with your order. If you had contacted us we would have been more than happy to refund you if that's what you wanted, or do anything else to sort things out.

    I don't know what else to say really after such a scathing review except to apologise again and, if you haven't used the hearts yet, we are still happy to refund you if you send them back. Kind regards, Teresa
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