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Decent but have made false promises

I am a user who signed up for premium services back in April 2012 when they launched their HTML5 editor. One of the reasons I signed up for premium paid services was under the pretence that they would be releasing a native HTML5 blogging feature. They blatantly communicated that this feature would be available within a month or so of launching their HTML5 editor but after 1 year this feature is still not available to users despite the loud protests in the support forums. Instead they have focused their time and energy on many applications and features that users have not requested.
This is incredibly poor service in my book. Don't get me wrong though, I generally like the features and functionality that Wix offers at a decent price, but when a company breaks promises in an extreme way and offers no transparency into the timeline and development of the blogging feature, then I am hugely disappointed.

It's embarrassing to put it mildly.
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    Reply from Wix

    Hey Hasan,

    We will be releasing a blog soon,

    You can get a sneak peak here. (I tested it already, and it's pretty sweet.)


    I am sorry that we misled you, sometimes important things pop-up and we are required to push off the development and release of certain features.

    In the meantime you can use one of the blogging services offered in the App Market.
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