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Generic Answers to questions - No personal Service

Very disappointed with service being a long time Wix user. Company has lack of personal service using generic answers and directs you to forum. I would rather pay extra for the service and have a more personalised help. Living in Australia with the time difference made answers to my questions long and drawn out. Other web builders I use have live chat and will issue you with a case manager.

I generally found American companies to have a much superior Customer Service than Australian but cannot express how disappointed I have been with the lack of GENUINE communication from Wix. Yes, they do answer you, but not impressed by the content. I believe they they have lost site of the big picture and unfortunately now not looking after their customers who helped them become successful. As my subscriptions become due and payable I will most likely move my sites to other providers unless things change.
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    Reply from Wix

    Hey Sue,

    Give us a call at 1-415-639-9034 during normal business hours (Monday - Friday between, 6AM - 5PM PST) and we will be happy to assist you.

    *Note: Since you will be calling from outside the United States, we suggest that you use a VOIP service to call us. Many of these services, such as skype, allow you to call toll free numbers for free.
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