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great tool for do it yourself website building , but needs faster development and support for many bugs and nonsenses

I made few sites in flash and I was quite thrilled with possibilities to build sites on my own without having phd in html or flash. However html5 work-space , which is now main option for building wix (flash is almost hidden on the menu) is not fulfilling promises they gave more than a year ago. It is still in Beta and with many bugs and issues.
While editing in html5 pages keep switching one over the other without control, so you have to go to navigation menu again and again to somehow get the page you want to work on to remain after you click on an element on it to edit it. Only thorough cleaning of chrome cache in chrome settings ,and crap cleaning your pc helps for a while .(5 minutes!)
Site in html is only 980 pixels wide and you can't change it.No way...they say it is because of Ipads etc. But where is the option -fit to browser- like in old flash templates.

Images are completely unorganized and changing gallery layout is a time taking job. It's all just a huge pile of images and you always have to dig deep to find the one you need. Recently they added this option for flash sites , but not yet for html, and this is a BASIC option.

Also ,there's no backup option , only on wix you can have your 'backup', not on your pc. I suggested them to make some kind of zip file with password they'll make so that I can't open it if they don't want me to have the whole site. I feel uncomfortable relying only on wix servers after working for a month or so on a site, I would like to have backup.
So what can I do but to save pages with webpage grabber or save as in folders , one by one.
Html components remain active when switching pages so video keeps playing in the other window etc. They have support for Vimeo and Youtube but any other html embedded video will have this problem. And if you want to build a site for your company it can't be professional with youtube or vimeo logo on each video.
There's no save as option, so you can't make a copy of your site, you have to ask wix to do that and then wait for a day or two till they make it. They save you have a history list of backups but I don't need to restore my site to some history state but to make a separate copy to make experiments on it or to use it as a template for a new site or so.
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