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Wix is what they say they ARE! Amazing!

I have to give them 5 stars! I can't believe all of the low scores here. Every platform is going to have some issues, however, most don't work on them as quickly as wix does. I am very proud to be a WIX pro: http://arena.wix.com/pro/artisticmarketing and will continue to recomnend wix to everyone, I've switched MANY clients over to wix and they LOVE it.

I love that I can design a custom website at a very affordable price for my clients and then they can in return edit their own website, without any codes, which saves them money and gives them a feel good, when they can do it themselves.

I love wix and everything they offer. Their customer service is usually pretty quick and right on too. I would like if when I was communicating with someone that that person wouldn't change when I reply back, that's the only negative thing. I would like a bit more personal customer service. However, the service is pretty quick.

I would also like to have a bit more recognition for my claimed websites. I have over 100 paying clients, that continue to pay, so that would be nice to get a little more than what we pros get. I love the arena, most of my work comes from that area, without that I wouldn't be as busy as I am now!

All in all, YES I would recommend this company to anyone and always do!

Jessica Palotas
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