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Wix has a fantastic product/website builder

I found Wix in 2010. I was studying to be an interior designer and when I found Wix I was ecstatic. I was so happy to be able to create websites for my businesses I was starting; one for interior design and one for home staging.
Then the economy went crazy and interior design became such a "luxury" that nearly half the established professionals left the field.
I set that up, because now I am a Wix Pro. I got proficient at creating Flash sites, (only the Flash editor existed then) and since then, I have made a good part of my living from creating and selling my designs using Wix.
I am really surprised in a way from some of these negative reviews. I do know that society's attention span is getting shorter and people are impatient. I have had to contact support on occasion and when I get advice from the staff, it always seems to work.
There is a learning curve, but the extensive tutorials and videos are so wonderful that, anyone can create awesome sites.
I have tried other site builders since starting out with my new career, and Wix is the best. I have a super ethical conscience and so I am not being biased.
I have never had any issue with payments nor have any of my clients, (there are many) had any issues.
Wix sites are highly customizable and even though we cannot upload entire design templates, each part, (header, background, page style) can be customized individually so this is a benefit. I prefer this and so do my clients, because they can feel the power and freedom of the flexibility.
I would review Wix favorably even if it were just me using it and I do own and operate 4 of my own Wix sites, however having the happy clients is even a better endorsement. Since I have these satisfied clients, and they are all different Wix users, it is evident that it serves their needs or I would be getting a lot of emails with complaints and I simply do not get complaints. So this review is, in effect, not only mine but a representative review of my client base and their satisfaction as well. Thanks Wix!

Glo Gianos
Wix Pro
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