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MINIMUM price is 50£ to have a live website (with their ads). Do not give your money to this people

The website doesn't give clear information. They allow you to buy a domain for 15 pounds. That sounds cheap, and for sure you can create a template very quickly if you can handle an editor. The problem is that you CAN NOT do anything with this domain rather then buy a premium template for 50pounds minimum ( having their ads on your website) to point to, afterwards. They don not refund domain purchase. So after you have bought a domain, you found out that you still need to spend 50 £. to have a website online.
The only thing you can do is transfer your domain away. And for sure you want to go away from them straightaway. But NO. you can not do it. not earlier then 60 days.
So Please do not do my mistake. I have now to buy a new domain from another company in order to create the website and wait 60 days to be able to move the domain I bought with them. A waste of time and money. Frustrating.
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    It seems that you have had a really bad experience. I apologize for this. Let me see if I can address your concerns.

    When you purchase a domain from us, there is a disclaimer that states, "Please Note: Connecting your own domain name is available for Premium Wix Sites only." We have made some attempts to make this more obvious for our users, but apparently it has been missed. I will forward that information to our premium team, and I will see what we can do to make that more prominent.

    As far as transferring the domain to another service only after 60 days: This is actually not a Wix rule. It is a ICANN rule that we, as a domain proviers, are not allowed to break. For more information, please search for the ICANN "FAQ for Domain-Name holders" in your favorite search engine. Until those 60 days are up you can always point your domain to another host via A Records in the Domain Management section of your Wix account.

    Anytime you are confused or concerned with a Wix process, give us a call --

    Call US Toll Free, at 1-800-6000-WIX (1-800-600-0949) during normal business hours (Monday - Friday between, 6AM - 5PM PST) and we will be happy to assist you.

    If you are calling from outside the US and need a direct number you may call 1-415-639-9034 during the same hours.

    *Note: If you are calling from outside the United States, we suggest that you use a VOIP service to call us. Many of these services, such as skype, allow you to call toll free numbers for free.
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