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Terrible Customer Service

Well if you want to speak to someone... forget it - they don't post their telephone number on the site, we have a number of business interests and thought we may switch all the sites to wix after we had an easy time of creating a simple site with them, now we just want to be rid of them but although they are on this site advising people to call them as they are keen to not lose your business.. the number is a hoax it introduces them and gives an option menu - you click a number and it loops to asking you to click any number to return to the previous menu - I agree with other posts they simply want you to subscribe and will keep taking your money for as long as they can. We are switching all our sites to [external reference)] as the customer service is fantastic especially if you are outside the US.
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    I'm sorry you had an issue with our phone system. I understand how frustrating that can feel. I work in the call center, and I can assure you our phone number is not a hoax. Please go to Wix.com, scroll to the bottom, and click Contact Us. Our number is very clearly displayed there. (1-800-600-0949) If you call our number during regular business hours (6am-5pm Monday - Friday), we will be available to help you. If you have questions outside of our regular business hours, we have our Answers Forum available to all of our users as well. http://www.wix.com/support/forum/html5

    If you require any further assistance, please let us know.
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