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Misleading and false promises.. unless you pay pay pay and pay

I have had it up to here with this service!
I have never in all my business career worked with such a misleading entrapment enticing company! You get people to attach apps etc do HOURS UPON HOURS of work and then at the end say oh by the way to finalise this you must upgrade to such and such..
I am paying a lot of money already and am a PREMIUM member and still i must pay more for a 'cart', i checked before hand and it is free to premium members but upon completion of my store after yet more hours of catalogueing, product reviews and store design and creation i must buy the Ecommerse package. IF I AM UNABLE TO USE THE FEATURE ON MY ALREADY EXPENSIVE LEVEL OF MEMBERSHIP, PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW ME TO ATTACH THE APP AND DO THE WORK IN THE FIRST PLACE, I AM RUNNING A BUSINESS HERE.
I think we all know why you do it this way and frankly it is very unethical.
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    Reply from Wix

    Hello there,

    I wanted to respond to your review, to assure you that we are not trying to be misleading. I also want to find out where on our site it mentioned that the shopping cart is free to premium members? We definitely don't want our users to be confused, or for people to think we are trying to mislead them.

    If you go to our site and click on "Premium" at the top of the site, you will see our premium packages explained in detail. As you can see, the eCommerce plan is the only plan that includes the cart.

    We allow even our free users to add the eCommerce widgets to their site. We don't want our users to have to pay for a service they haven't even had a chance to set up yet. It can sometimes take weeks to set up eCommerce for a user with a large store. This way a user can build out their entire store in the editor, for free, and then upgrade once it's ready to launch.

    Furthermore, if you go to our Templates section and click on the "Online Store" category, you will find all of our templates that come with cart pre-installed. In this section, you will see that every one of those templates says, "Price: eCommerce"

    If you have any other ideas as to what we can do to make it more clear for our users, please let me know. I will forward that information to the team in charge of these decisions.

    Thanks so much.
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