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Not too bad, but could be much better

I've read a lot of awful reviews here. I've had a webiste with Wix.com for about 6 months and it has been working quite well.
I was with webs.com before and believe, Wix.com are MUCH better and MUCH more reliable!

I haven't noticed that my website was down during those 6 months, the apps/widgets are working fine but there's 1 thing that kills me:

YOU CAN'T USE YOUR HOSTED SPACE AS YOU WISH!!!!! Which means that when you upload an image, you can't get the direct link of it, that means that you can't upload any files you want (which is really stupid) etc...
So the space allocated to you for your uploads is pretty much useless!
That drives me CRAZY! It is such a stupid approach for a website builder, I can't believe this.

I have decided to pay monthly for now, even though it's more expensive than paying yearly, because I want to make sure that this is worth my money. It's not quite yet, but it's much better than my past experiences.
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