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Worrying Experience.. Waiting on refund/experience

I have used wowcher on 3/4 occasions now and have enjoyed it but have felt let down this week.
For my friends birthday I wanted to take her to an afternoon tea session via wowcher and I'd been waiting for the deal to appear.
On Wednesday I was glad to see the deal was finally available, except when I went to pay for it, my card was declined. (wowcher has declined my card before for a deposit but thankfully the guy at the studio we had the deal with just asked for the details which worked).
This time I was not so lucky as I have to purely rely on the site. I tried to pay 3/4 times and I have sufficient funds.. but still it declined.
I sent an enquiry email about it but wasn't too worried as the deal still had two days left.
Then I checked my bank balance and saw that £38 had been taken (the deal was £19) and it was definitely from wowcher as I hadn't used my card for anything else.
I began to worry but thought I'd inform wowcher when the enquiry email got responded to... it never did.
On thursday I also tried it again because I really wanted the deal but .. it got declined. I am unable to check my bank balance at the moment but that could have potentially taken a further £19.
Today I called and the automatic machine said to email about refunds so I sent an email at 10am and stated that I wanted the deal and it would end in 13 hours so could they please have a response as soon as possible. I understand that the email process can take a while but now I have missed the deal.
I am upset not only because I have lost money but also I have no present for my friend as its for her birthday.
Also, it has made me worry about the process of getting a refund if she doesn't want to/cant do it as it is a surprise.
Sophie D.
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    Reply from Wowcher

    Good morning Sophie,

    We have looked into this for you and our refunds team is currently investigating your case. The payments taken in error were most likely due to our security system putting the amounts on hold and deducting them from your available balance. This is purely a temporary measure while we run security checks on the rest of the information you've provided before we authorise the payment. This ensures we only take payment if you have the available funds.

    We have picked up your latest email from this morning and one of our advisors will be responding to you shortly.

    Kind regards

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