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Worst customer experience ever. They try to bribe all the bad reviewers.

The customer services rep tried to compensate me $100 for the bad experience and so that I can update the review online. So after they gave you the cash they ask you to remove it. I thought that she asked you to update it, not remove it. This led me to believe that they were bribing people. Instead of bribing people, I offered the following legitimate suggestions (which they should invest in doing that instead of bribing people.

1. If you say something, as in set date deadlines, follow through with them. (they kept promising you that they would contact you in 4 weeks after order date since the Living Social had backed up their "systems"). Then after that, they told you after 4 weeks that they would contact you within the week for the order number. None of those things happened and I had to email three times atleast. My wait was slated for another month just in correspondence. (PS. their customer service line is in the UK) which brings me to:
2. Avail yourself to your customers. Your customer service line is a hotline in the UK. Obviously if you have customers in the US which I know you guys have availed yourself to do as well as the fact that you guys are INCORPORATED in the US, then provide an easier way to contact a customer service representative. Your american customers are NOT going to pay for international calls JUST to call you. Doing otherwise is suspect.
3. All of your customer service reviews other than trust pilot (Facebook fan page, twitter feed) only solicit positive reviews and give no room for honest feedback. That is also highly suspect and only after further searching did I find other fellow angry customers.
4. If you are going to put yourselves out there to living social, groupon, other avenues of marketing where you predict a high production and shipping feed, only do so if you have the capacity to do so. Those deals expire before a certain date and you only have a limited time to redeem them so YOU should be aware of the high production. Hire more people to help with this if you have to because the overall cost of a bad name to your business is higher than the operation costs of hiring temporary workers.
5. The only reason why I feel like you guys responded to me is because I told you guys I was in law school. This is true information but I think the whole transaction was highly suspect.

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