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I wish I had read the reviews beforehand...terrible customer service!!!

I would really like to give no stars to this company, if possible!
I am sorry. I don t usually do this, but I ve decided that, if you let people get away with things, they ll never change! I have never dealt with a company that treats customers with such disdain.
Now for my case: I have been shopping online with Zooplus for a few months now and even became a member - which means that, for a certain fee you get a fixed discount each time you buy from them. They have some fantastic deals, but unfortunately there is a catch: they have the deal with a code and the same product out of the deal with a different code. How crazy is that? I had noticed it though, so I always made sure I was ordering the correct code. But I never thought they could actually change your order....
My last order was for a buy one get one free of a certain dog food. I put the number 2 in my box, meaning I should get 4 bags.
Two days later, I got my order delivered but I only had 2 bags!
Believing this had been a mistake and that would be quickly and willingly solved by them, I contacted them and explained the situation.
They replied that, "because they like to give their customers the option" of having the free gift OR NOT, there were two codes and I had selected the wrong code!
Well, I know I didn't - or that I definitely didn't intend to forgo the free bags ( I was opting for two of them at least! ), so I emailed them again saying that, one way or another, I was entitled for the free bags! They emailed me now saying that they can t change the order, even if I had made a mistake ( which, by the way, I KNOW I DIDN'T! ) and send me the FREE BAGS that I am entitled to.
Oh, and they gave a 5% discount voucher as a "gesture of goodwill". Except that there is no way I would ever trust them again. Period!
The deal is still on, so honestly I can only see it as being a scam! Am I being too harsh? Well, I don t know, but I am chasing it further, for I think it s scandalous and so unfair - and possibly illegal.. Customers shouldn t ever be treated like this...
Anyway, the message is, if you re going to buy from them, pray that they chose your order correctly, for if they don t, you could end up with the wrong thing and they will NOT help you!
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