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I've been waiting all day and nothing

I am experiencing the same issues as the previous customers.

I have bought a bed and with the next day delivery promise, not being aware of which company would actually deliver my package. This was on Wednesday and Wayfair assured me that they keep their next day delivery promise. So yesterday (the due-day according to wayfair), the tracking system says that the bed will be delivered today (25th October) :
24 Oct 2013
09:17AM All Barcodes 784 BOOKING Consignment booked in for date: 25/10/2013

So this morning I call and xdl says this afternoon, and then in the afternoon I call again and they say tonight. It is 20.00pm and the tracking system still says that my bed is at delivery depot so no chance that it arrives today.

The next-day delivery turns out to be a when-suits-xdp delivery. I will certainly call Wayfair on Monday to make a complaint about the delivery company. And evidently call xdp as well.

My consignment number is ZWAIEM004662.
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    Reply from XDP

    Hello Arielle, Im sorry you had a delay in receiving your goods, it was a 2 piece delivery, but it got split which is what caused the delay.

    I apologise for any inconvenience this may of caused.

    Regards Jennifer
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