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Very poor service, lots of wasted time.

At best I am a very angry, frustrated customer. At worst I am now several hundred pounds out of pocket due to this company.

I order a new bed the week before christmas and I was told it would be delivered on 23rd December. I was sent a text and email early I the morning giving me a delivery time for before 11.30. However, 11.30 came and went with no bed. I waited until about 2.30 and Ben decided it was time to call to see where my bed was. I was told by a very abrupt man at the other end of the phone that the delivery driver had decided to go home! But they hd neglected to tell me that. They arranged to deliver it early the next morning so I didn't have to wait at home for a second day and the bed was delivered at 7.30 on Christmas Eve. This is the only positive thing I can say about them.

As it happened there was a problem with the bed and so the retailer I purchased it from have agreed to have the bed collected and refund me once the bed was back in their possession. This is where my problems started. It took a while to arrange collection due to the holiday period initially however collection was arranged for 8th January. So I took the day off work and no-one called, text, emailed or arrived to collect the bed. On Thursday I still had received no contact and went into work. I returned home from work to find that xdp had come during the day and collected 2 parts of the bed which I had been storing in my porch due to lack of space inside my house. The problem I now have is that because I was not home or not expecting them to collect on the Thursday the 3rd part of the bed - which is also the part with the returns paperwork on - is still inside my home as this would not fit into the porch. I contacted xdp straight away on the mobile number that they had put on the card that was pushed though the door to explain what had happened and they said they would return to collect the 3rd box on the Friday. Again I took a day of work but they failed to arrive. By this time I was quite frustrated, having had a bed sitting in my home for 2 weeks and not being able to order another one until I received the refund for this one. I emailed the customer service for xdp and have yet to receive a response from them. I also have called the mobile number several times that was on the card that was left, each time a man with a strong Birmingham accent answers and tells me that the box will be collected the following day. But I returned home on Monday, yesterday and today and my bed is still in the porch waiting to be collected. The situation is now that you have collected half a bed, with no returns paperwork attached to it and half a bed in my home. Will the original 2 boxes get lost whilst they are waiting to be reunited with the 3rd box? How long will it be before this bed gets back to the retailer I purchased it from? Until this happens, I it does at all I am unable to get a refund on this bed so therefore not able to order a replacement bed and stuck sleeping on the mattress.

As with others I am unable to contact anyone in customer service as the phone rings out and they do not respond to email. The only person I have spoken to I believe is one of the delivery drivers who after telling me every day that the item would be collected the next day eventually decided today that he could not help. I was told "Its now in managements hands. There's nothing I can do" and has since stopped answering calls - probably due to the number of angry people who are ringing him judging by the poor reviews on here.

My experience of the management of this company is very poor. I am writing this review as a last attempt at trying to have some contact from someone in customer services. I was not left with a consignment number when the first part of my bed was collected so cannot provide you with this.

An update on this situation - I have now found a customer services number and have tried several times this morning to call it only to be placed on hold and then cut off. This service is not acceptable. If I do not have this situation resolved by the end of the week then I shall be contacting trading standards.
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    Reply from XDP

    Hello Laura, I would need your consignment number or postcode to get involved in resoling this as a matter of urgency.
    I am really sorry and understand your frustration.

    Regards Jennifer
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