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Absolute nightmare

Firstly all emails sent have been left completely unanswered. I will give you my weeks events thus far
TUES - XDP arrrive without informing anyone they would do so, therefore no one was in.
WED - managed to get through to an office to arrange redelivery for the same day. "No problem" said the office. Due to this my wife stayed at home at the cost of a days wages. Order did not arrive. Managed to get hold of them late in the day and rearranged delivery for friday.
THURS - XDP arrive again, despite me informing them no one would be in
FRI - I have booked the day off and am now waiting at home. According to the website my order has not moved today. Spoke to the office who said I need to speak to the depot. Have called and emailed the depot. No answer / reply.

I am disguted with their service, not only that but they have cost us hundreds of pounds in days not worked.

To any companies thinking of using XDP as a courier, this would be certain method of pi55ing off your customers and ensuring no repeat business. The countless bad reviews on this site are a testament to that.

XDP - as this forum seems to be the best way of contacting you, can you please ensure my delivery arrives today. ZFBSYN003232
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