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Smashed coffee table

Received my coffee table, all broken and cracked and completely ruined, written previous complaint on here - no response, sent emails - no response, no response to telephone calls. Awful awful awful

Consignment number :- Z3DODJ001542

UPDATE 31/01/2014

Thanks for your reply - the box was damaged when it arrived, it is ripped in the corners and it looks as if it's had a load of other things placed on top of it, as the top of the box is pushed in. I'm assuming then that as the depot did not notice any damage to the box, otherwise like you said they would have taken pictures, then the damage occurred during delivery. The table was well packaged, and also had fragile written on it, this table was a wooden table so it must have been banged about a bit to cause this damage, with a lot of heavy weight on top if it. I look forward to hearing from you.
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    Reply from XDP

    Hello Leanne, Im really sorry to hear your coffee table was damaged, I have just looked at your consignment, usually the depot would take a photo if there was any visible signs of package damage to aid any claims, if there is no visible package damage they would assume that the goods inside were in good order. Packaging is paramount with parcels that are going through a network.
    Regards Jennifer
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