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Dear Jennifer,
My consignment number is : ZWAGGT001821 and postcode NW34SS.
I've just moved to London in a small studio and I ordered a sofabed in order to enable my family to visit me but the problem is I haven't received it yet though I paid 30 pound more for a Saturday delivery (For Saturday 11th of January). I am working seven days a week from 7am to 7pm and I've already taken 2 days-off just for this delivery but still have no news of it.
Here are the last updates on your website:
14 Jan 2014;18:44PM ZWAGGT001821001 800 DELIVERY At Delivery Depot
14 Jan 2014;18:37PM All Barcodes 800 EXCEPTION Carded
14 Jan 2014;09:01AM All Barcodes AUTO EMAIL Delivery Email alert sent
14 Jan 2014;08:37AM 861 DELIVERY Out for Delivery - Route 01 - ETA: 9:24am to 12:24pm
14 Jan 2014;05:55AM ZWAGGT001821001 800 DELIVERY At Delivery Depot
13 Jan 2014;13:03PM ZWAGGT001821001 010 COLLECT At Collection Depot
10 Jan 2014;16:16PM ZWAGGT001821001 TWW02D PRINT --
10 Jan 2014;16:04PM ZWAGGT001821001 781 COLLECT At Collection Depot
By the way, on the 14th I took a day-off and was home all day but nobody came ...
I've sent many emails to your company for a week but nobody answers.
Please help me, I need it urgently, here is my phone number :07463981486
Eliott Denoun
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    Reply from XDP

    Hello Eliott, I have passed your details onto the regional manager to try and get your consignment with you tomorrow, your goods were held back as your supplier hadnt completed the consignment information correctly the weight had been entered as zero, meaning your goods could not be moved on until the weight had been assessed.
    I will check your consignment in the morning.
    Regards Jennifer
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