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A new sofa was scheduled to be delivered today. I have taken a day off from work, but nothing has arrived. I contacted XDP and left my details, 3 times, but I was not responded to. I really hope they maybe had a flat tyre on the van and it arrives first thing tomorrow, although the online tracker says it is still in the same location it was in yesterday...

Who else can I contact in order to speak with some staff and arrange a new time?

Consignment No. ZWASSR072780
{[Thank you for the reply, although I do question why the communication is better on a 3rd party website than with your customer service team? I still ave not had a call back, nor can I contact them (as the line goes dead). How will the 2 man team contact me? Do you have my contact details? As i have not provided XDP with any?

Also where is my local depot, (depot 205 i think) as I have a van and it may be easier for me to collect the package from you?}]
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    Reply from XDP

    Hello Davey, Your goods are at the delivery depot, they were put on the 2man service which carries a 3-5 day delivery window, the 2man team will contact you to book the delivery in, im sorry if this wasnt explained by your supplier.
    Regards Jennifer
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