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XDP after 2 attempts got it right

Waiting for a delivery from these guys has been an absolute nightmare, I have sent emails but no response.
It says that my parcel had been delivered yesterday ,it hasn't. Ive had my mother in law here all week waiting for this parcel and if they had attempted to deliver we would have known.
Z3FGEA039421 is my tracking number and I have tried to use it but due to the poor website and tracking updates making no sense, the tracking id might as well be

UPDATE: Well after Trying to email every email account om their website and ringing and getting no response except for Jenny on here who told me she would look into it but never got back to me i decided to give up and chase the company i had bought it from. Guess what??? They managed to get in contact with XDP straight away. XDP admitted that they had lost my parcel ,bearing in mind that it is a ruddy mattress and not a Envelope or small box. My Seller has now resent the item but by XDP again.
will they never learn????

My advice is dont even bother to contact XDP get in touch with your seller and let them do it

XDP due to deliver replacement mattress today!!! lets see what happens...........................................................

XDP came through this time, mattress was delivered within the stated time. My only issue was the driver literally threw it at my mother in law.
But then again that's something I would have done, so I guess that's an added bonus
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    Reply from XDP

    Hello Paul, I can see you delivery is out today, if you do have any further problems there has been a direct number set up for consignee as of monday, the number is 0843 1782222.
    The problem we have with mattress is that suppliers are not doing as instructed which is putting the postcode on in permanent maker on the outer packaging, in far too many case's the label comes off. Unfortunately mattress suppliers are not doing this.
    I do apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.
    Regards Jennifer

    Hello Paul, I have passed this onto the regional manager to look into, im not sure whats happened, I have asked for an update which I will pass onto you when I get one.

    I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.
    Regards Jennifer
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