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No Stars for New Cross Depot

Really poor service with blantent lying.

A missed delivery card on 7th Dec, that's fine and welcomed.
I logon to the website and arrange to collect the package on Sat 17th Dec from the depot.
On the 17th, a hand written sign is placed outside the depot sayin "no collections today", if you walked up to the depot the manager of the depot would try to put you off by saying there is a 2 hour wait, looking at the queue of 10 people and the number that walked away his detering tactics were working.
Eventually Yodel checked to see if my package was in the depot, but only after I asked them to.
Their system said the package was signed for and delivered on the 9th Dec. Against my instructions and with no card left in my letterbox telling me where the package was.
I queried this and theey asked thee delivery driver. He said it was left with the concierge, we don't have a concierge!!

Yodel said they could do nothing as the parcel was a "successful delivery", so anywhere near is a success, no wonder they claim 85-98% delivery rate, they just make up a different definition to the rest of the world what is a successful delivery. I should play that game where I work!

As a side, I am an investment analyst and noticing the state of the New Cross office, the poor condition of the phones, no letters on the keyboard, the old monitors and the general disrepair of the depot, this branch is being run into the ground.
It is little wonder why Yodel is receiving such poor customer feedback if this is the lack of investment the Head Office has made across the group.

I cancelled my second order from the supplier and placed my custom elsewhere.

To all suppliers whi use Yodel. DO NOT as it will be your customers that suffer and you will LOSE customers.

Sometimes cheap is not better, this is one of those cases.
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