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How does a delivery driver not deliver when your at home with the door open!! RUBBISH

When i got home yesterday I was greeted to a green slip in the floor which said it was from a company called Yodel who i had never heard of and i was sure i didnt order anything.
But i thought people send me stuff all the time so ill log on and see what i can do.
I arranged to go and pick the item up from my local store 2 days later at Reading.
Today i was sat at home with the front door wide open and i heard something come through the door. I saw no truck, nothing yet it was a slip from Yodel to say they had missed me.
Now im not sure if anyone else can tell me how this happens but i dont understand how someone can attempt and fail to deliver a package to someone WITH THEIR FRONT DOOR OPEN!!!
The driver must have fallen to the floor, crawled to my door and then put the slip through the letterbox.
I came onto this website to check if they were real!! I thought it must just be a scam.
After reading these reviews i can see they are just that bad.
Wish me luck people because i have to go to the store tomorrow to see whats what.
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