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lying delivery company

bought a item from eBay seller sent me the tracking number so i could keep eye on my item

information claims they tried to deliver it at 9.11 am but no answer and they left a card [there was no card left all day ]

that was funny as i was in my drive putting 4 new tyres on my wife beetle checking oil/ water /brakes ect from 8.30 till 10.30
i also have 3 dogs and if any one come in the drive they bark [a lot]

as i was working in the drive the garage dooor was open so the dogs were in there if any one came in to my drive i would have seen them and so would have the dogs

they never came while i was in and if they came while i was out they never left anything a card /my parcel nothing they also claim to have left Lincoln at 8.41 and been at my house for 9.11 this is 49 mile from Lincoln city centre to country roads to Grimsby town this is a good 40 to 50 drive in a car more at that time in a city centre more like 50 to 60 Min drive
they never bothered to redeliver the next day i had to email the eBay seller to contact them to be told it would be derived today they promised
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