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No stars really

I paid a disproportionate amount (for 5 'double wine carrier' gift -bags), i.e. £8 extra in order to have delivery between 1-2 working days.

I ordered them on Wed 5/12, so would have expected delivery by Friday 7/12. On the Saturday 8/12 they did not arrive and as we needed the purchases for giving out gifts at a family gathering on the Sunday, we had to go out and purchase double the number of normal wine bottle gift-bags instead.

We were staying at a cottage for a long weekend (so a different delivery address to my normal homeone) and left Tuesday 11/12, by which time no wine bags had been delivered.

I have just had a message to call the owners of the cottage today - my parcel was found on the doorstep on Wednesday 12/12 - 5 days later than I paid for them!

Clearly a) I do not need them any more and b) I paid a lot of money for them to be delivered on time and they weren't.

In all I spent over £20 for no product whatsoever (plus the expense of buying other wine bags!). The vendor thankfully refunded me but she said she used Yodel and it was trackable. My Amazon records showed no tracking.

I thanked her and have sent her the link to this review page, suggesting she use another company for her business.

Why are they still going?!
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