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Worst Courier Ever!

'Enter parcel number' this site says when leaving a review.....I should be so lucky - the delivery guy didn't even bother writing it on the card I found when I arrived home on Thursday. But I didn't think I had anything to worry about because the card says that three attempts to deliver would be made - and as the card says that deliveries are made on Saturdays to residential addresses - I'd have nothing to worry about because I could wait until Saturday when the 3rd delivery attempt would be made. However, the next day - Friday - I arrived at home to find the expected card saying a second delivery attempt had been made ....except that the driver had ticked that this was the THIRD delivery attempt and that the item had been returned to the service centre. Weird I thought ...maybe this was just a way of avoiding having to make a delivery on Saturday. So I went on the website thinking I could arrange delivery next week when I could take a day off work ....but try as I may ....all I could find was a 'Collect' button.
I thought it was interesting that the website says that Yodel will leave parcels with neighbours or in a dry place - why had they not bothered doing that before. I live in a village and that's what we all do in my little community. I thought it was also interesting to note that in spite of what the card says about Saturday deliveries, there was no option to select a Saturday re-delivery on the web site.
So today - Monday - I rang the 0800 number and of course I couldn't put the parcel number in when prompted because the driver hadn't bothered putting it on either Thursday's or Friday's card. Eventually I got through to somebody who advised me that the parcel had been returned to the service centre. Could they deliver it on Wednesday? I asked ....No - I have to collect it from Borehamwood - over an hours drive away. I explained the situation re only receiving two cards but that made no difference. I asked why they didn't leave the parcel with a neighbour. Oh no - they don't do that I was advised. So why does it say that on the web site .....Oh that's just a generic message she said. What the hell is that supposed to mean! So they don't leave parcels with neighbours? I give up.
This is the second parcel I have had attempted to be delivered in the last month by Yodel. The previous one I rearranged redelivery on a day I'd taken off work. It arrived close to 7pm having spent the whole day in. I'd left my email address and phone number on the website where I rearranged delivery but what do Yodel do with it - who knows - because they don't bother contacting you to let you know you'll be waiting all day for delivery.
I have contacted the company that I have regular orders from to let them know I will not be placing orders with them again whilst they continue to use Yodel. Yodel have the most unsatisfactory service out there. And to think I used to complain about the post office!
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    Reply from Yodel

    Hi Stephen. Is there anything I can help you with concerning your delivery? I am aware that the issue may have already been resolved. If you would require some help in the future, please do not hesitate to get in touch at social.media@yodel.co.uk. Many thanks, Michelle.
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