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Ordered a new phone last week, "free next day delivery", via yodel. I had seen watchdog and all the bad reviews online etc but I'm usually optimistic about these things so I thought I'd give it 2 days to be safe. Ordered this on Wednesday afternoon.
All weekend, tracking shown that Yodel hadn't even collected the parcel themselves. It was finally in Yodel's hands on Monday, I wasn't in for their "attempted delivery" - I wouldn't call it an attempt when they didn't even bother to leave it with my neighbours, who are always in and happy to hold my parcels for me, but apparently that's against "policy", whilst they're perfectly okay to leave items in the bin on bin day, and other misc horror stories I've been hearing. If they had left it next door, I wouldn't be complaining right now.
So it went back to the collection service centre, which is quite close by so I thought I'd give them a ring and ask that it be kept at the service centre on Tuesday (today) and get it myself. 10 costly minutes on the phone resulted in someone telling me to phone back the next morning.
At 8am sharp, when the phone lines opened, I rang to tell them to keep it at the service centre, they said that's fine, done and dusted. I turn up to the service centre hours later to collect it, and it's out for delivery. So that's another day without my new phone that I was really buzzing for and expecting days and days ago.
This is what I can't understand, how, after years of atrocious customer feedback and downright ridicule, not to mention being on watchdog, do you not learn, and be able to at least follow one basic instruction. This is a delivery company that specialises in how to be awkward, frustrating and above all, just dumb. My tracking was all over the place, I was told it had been delivered with an unrecognisable signature! What the hell is that?!? They couldn't even tell me. I've been charged to speak to them on the phone which has resulted in absolutely nothing, and as I typed a short version of this complaint into the chat box, I was completely ignored. After 2 failed delivery attempts, I expect the parcel to be at the depot tomorrow. If it's not, I'll be livid. Next day delivery becomes a week! Unbelieavable.
Bottom line is that I, and the vast majority of everyone else, can't trust Yodel.
Here comes generic message from customer service asking to help.
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    Hey Adam. I really want to be able to help you, but I will need you to email your details to social.media@yodel.co.uk. Laura :-)
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