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Dire - **AVOID!!**

Placed an order with a company of Friday, and received an email at 16:00, to state my parcel has been dispatched, and imagine the shivers going down my spine when I saw the carrier for this parcel :(

Now, I have had terrible experiences in the past, and clicked on the website, to track my order, and imagine my surprise, when the number I entered came up as invalid, Now a little investigating, I found I had to take the 2 letters out, now forgive me for stating the obvious, but why on earth supply a consignment number, if you have to take bits out. Just another reflection on the dire service given. Now I reentered my number, and still no tracking info.

So I rang customer services, but to be honest, I might as well spoke to a cleaner, as I got NO customer service. I gave all my details, to be told it could take a few hours to update on the system. How long should I leave it, to which the answer was 'try tomorrow'. Well I could in theory receive the product before I can track it, just unacceptable!!

I asked a couple of questions, to which I got the answer, I will send an email to the collecting depot, well good luck for that pal, because you never asked where it was collected from!! So yet more lies.

Dire, Dire, Dire. Please all, dont use Yodel to send your goods, or you will end up with irritated or disgruntled customers like me. :(
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    Reply from Yodel

    Hey Andy. Just to let you know that we are still here to offer assistance, should you need it. Our email address is social.media@yodel.co.uk. Please feel free to email over your details and we can look into this. Michelle.
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