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3rd time lucky? Nah.

I have had problems in the past with Yodel and Virgin Media, a router left in the rain a week after it was due, and having to ring the drivers home telephone number (very professional for them to give that out) to rearrange him dropping it off in a minicab...

This time when ordering from Asda Direct, the moment I saw the courier was Yodel I knew I wasn't going to get my next day delivery. And guess what, they proved me right!

How can a delivery company that does not deliver even exist? A business cant exist if it cannot carry out its core function?

My tracking number also gives me some random person in Essex's address and details of a delivery over a year ago. Now how is that even possible, the tracking number is 13 characters long, they couldn't of run out of numbers already now could they? Yodel blamed the supplier, but loan behold after actually speaking to Yodel the guy in Essex has had his package "undelivered" from last year and it's now on its way to me...

3 days later and i'm still waiting, if it comes today I think the gods may be on my side. And what are the bets that the 5 star reviews here are employees?
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    Reply from Yodel

    Hi Chris,

    I really want to help you with this?

    Email us at social.media@yodel.co.uk, I'll take a look.

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